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เรื่องย่อ หนังเกาหลี Tamra the Island

หนังเกาหลี Tamra the Island
ประเภท : Romance, SciFi & Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Korean Drama, Costume & Period, Drama
จำนวนตอน : 16
เรื่องย่อ :

Young British noble William hops on a Japan-bound ship to look for Far Eastern treasures, but he gets thrown overboard during a storm and drifts to the exotic island of Tamra. Despite the language barrier, he falls for local girl Beojin, a cute and inquisitive young lady who dreams of life elsewhere. However, Park Kyu, an arrogant, exiled noble, isn't going to let William take Beojin away without a fight. But most importantly, all their lives are at stake if the government officials find out there's a foreigner on the island. Add in a mysterious Japanese sailor from the East India Company and an iron-lady merchant planning an insurrection, and little old Tamra Island is suddenly overflowing with romance, mishap, and adventure!

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