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บัค ไอเทม ขวด Dota Map 6.62

13 Sep 09

Dota 6.62 Bug & Dota 6.62 Exploit. Dota-Allstars 6.62 has a really serious bug which a trully game breaking one. Thanks to Atti who emailed me a YouTube link this morning. It seems that on Dota 6.62 there''''s an exploit that let you have an infinite bottle charge. And what make it''''s more game breaking is that this Dota 6.62 bug is very easy to reproduce with ANY HERO! You can see the below video or just following my procedure:
1. Get any hero.
2. Buy a Town Portal and a Bottle.
3. Empty the Bottle.
4. Teleport into the fountain (click the target circle to the fountain). 5. While teleporting, Shift+Click the Bottle to the fountain (just like when you capturing a rune).
6. There you go! Now you have your own infinite Bottle. If your Bottle empty, just point the target on items (point to your own empty bottle will also do it!) or units and it will be refilled!
Well, let''''s wait for Dota 6.62b shall we..? ^^;; What do you think? Do you have another bug to share? ;) Don''''t forget to subscribe our feeds for more Dota-Allstars news :)

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