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[SKE48] Escape (SKE48 47 Todoufuken Zenkoku Tour 2018 Niigata Kouen Zenkyoku)

10 วันก่อน

SKE48 is currently on a 47 prefecture nationwide tour “SKE48 47 todōfuken zenkoku tsuā ~-ki wa juku shita. Zenkoku e ikou!~” (SKE48 47 Prefecture Nationwide Tour ~ Let’s go to the whole country!”. The group began their tour on November 18th and on February 10th, their performance in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture in Niigata would be their 28th prefecture. Suda Kaori said the performance in Niigata will be broadcasted on TBS channel 1 on a later date. TBS announcer Ando Hiroki appeared to be the host of a quiz show. It was announced at the encore section that SKE48 will be doing a tandoku concert at Super Saitama Arena on March 31st.

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