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ตัวอย่างหนัง Dead Friend

16 Nov 15

They say karma gets you back when you do wrong to others. Min Ji Won (Kim Ha Neul) is a high school student who suffers from amnesia after something unexplainable happens to her. As she struggles to recover her memory, she is haunted by flashbacks from her past that involve a vengeful ghostly presence. After a friend comes to visit her, she realizes that three of her closest friends from school are dead or dying from mysterious circumstances. Who – or what – is behind the mysterious attacks, and why is water always present during the ghostly occurrences? “Dead Friend,” also known as “The Ghost,” is a 2004 South Korean horror film written and directed by Kim Tae Gyeong. 령 Kim Ha Neul Ryu Jin Kim Hae Sook Jun Hye Bin

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